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Importing old DAT tapes

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  • Importing old DAT tapes

    I finally found a DAT machine that will play some of my old DATs better than the one I already had.

    So I am stuffing some mixes into Pro Tools.

    One tape in particular is pretty important.

    I have done an import at 16 bits 48k w/ digital coax and it is not bad but I wonder if it can be better.


    The first time I think I used SDII for format. Would I be better off using AIFF ?

    Should I re-do the digital import at 24 bits ?

    Will that work , or should I go to analog outs for a 24 bit capture ?



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    Transfer to computer in the sampling rate as on the DAT tape, 44.1 or 48

    DAT digital OUT ---> audio interface digital IN, 

    to microsoft PCM WAV, Broadcast WAV, AIFF...  doesn't matter, all the same sonic quality


    then later may transcode to 24-bit in the digital audio production software for further work.




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      Editing a comment

      Thank you, that is exactly what I did .

      What I want to do now ( and have been playing with) is just a very gentle mid cut 

      and like 1db ( on peaks) compression with vintage emulation plug-ins that sound good to me,

      and bounce that out at 24 bits. 

      Or should I bounce to 24 the way it is and then do my plugs ?