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is it possible to create a mid /side eq tool within a daw

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  • is it possible to create a mid /side eq tool within a daw

    hi there , if i don`t have a version of ozone or fabfilter or whatever program has a mid/side eq filter functionality, how do i make a mid /side eq filter within a daw . or is it not possible .ta

    Consternoon Aftable

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    possible, but depends what you want to achieve, what you want to tweak or correct, what kind of stereo track it is, and if you want to do this with psycho acoustic processing, or maintaining the natural stereophony while you tweak center/left/ right seperately


    - you want to seperately EQ the center, left and right of a stereo track?

    - with what kind of stereo technique was the track recorded?

     -what do you have to correct?


    • catscurlyear
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      its some tracks my brother recorded with his band in a studio,the style is heavy guitars tuned down to B and lots of screaming and shouting type stuff. the vocals are a bit buried so i want to try pull them up ,the 2 guitar tracks are panned at 5 past 10  and i want to try get the guitars to go either side of the vox if i can  ,the kick is also a bit buried but maybe retrievable  and i want to take the bass and kick out of the sides,the original recording has being erased by the studio ,i have an un mastered version and a mastered (by the studio ) version of the tracks. i`ve been looking at fabfilter on u tube with the mid/side thing and the demo looked interesting ,how he could move stuff around a bit within  just a stereo file ,but i don`t want to buy it if i can help it ,i`d rather make my own if that is possible. cheers