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  • Which direction to go?

    What do you think? Is it possible that these two tracks would make it on the same record?



    Your will be much appreciated.

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    Sounds more like Sound track movie backing material vs. something someone would actually buy on an album.  The first one is a bit retro and reminds me of a Kurt Russell sound track like Escape from NY. (Nobody Messes with the Duke)  The second didn't have a hook that captured my interest within the first 30 seconds.

    Take my critique with a grain of salt though. I'm pretty spoiled on synth music because I started listening to it back in the beginning with the first moog recordings like Switched on Bach. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switched-On_Bach Then the whole slew of bands like ELP and others took it about as far as it would go. I think the Swan song of synth bands like The Tubes and Todd Rundgren/Utopia reached the pinnacle of incorporating Moog sounds in bands. It seemed to die off quickly after the 80's after the public became saturated with the sound. 

    You still find it in tracks accentuating bass with synths and of course synthesized orchestra instruments are main stay to any studio or band these days, but those instruments are highly realistic sounding due to the improvements in sampling and increased keyboard memory. Most orchestrated sound tracks are 100% synthetic these days unless its an expensive production that has a budget for the real thing.

    I suppose the wheel will turn again and bring back truly unique sounds of synths. House music is a branch of music that's kept the whole synth thing alive but I see that more as a DJ/engineer type thing where the music is pretty much built already. Playing live isn't as much a performance as it is a DJ with good technical skills playing back layered tracks. In comparison, Edgar Winter was one of the first to actually start a moog on and play it standing up live on stage, and having a keyboard player playing a "Keytar" jamming lick for lick with a guitarist like Santana makes for a good stage show where the keyboar player gets out from in back of his boc and is unglued from the sitting position which has always been the big problem for keyboard players getting attention unless they are the lead singer and the band is built around them.