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Which stereo mic mini recorder


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  • Which stereo mic mini recorder

    hi there, i`m looking for a small pocket size digital recorder with built in stereo mic and a usb output to transfer to pc and be capable of recording for maybe a couple of hours , it`s  for recording rehearsals for rough ideas type of thing ,but nothing too expensive .any ideas thanks .

    Consternoon Aftable

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    I have some Zoom, i.e. the Zoom Q3 HD

    so about $150 the piece, but a little bigger then my pocket


    • catscurlyear
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      yeh thanks ,we were looking at the zooms H1 ,they look simple enough i only need audio.the zoom Q3 is also video , do i get all accessories included for $150 . maybe we could do a swap ,would you like some bigger trousers. thanks.