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  • tell me I'm good!

    I haven't posted in here in a while because I haven't recorded anything in a long time but I started messing around with ableton live and thought someone might be able to listen and tell me what they think of this track I made.  I mixed down with headphones and just inserted a "mastering" plugin on the master buss.


    p.s. Feel free to tell me I suck as well...especially for asking for critiques when I contribute nothing to the forum myself. 

    "I want to be a snowflake"

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    you're not only good, you are a fantastic snowflake

    when you would sing something to the instrumental

    hee hee


    • antp
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      Editing a comment

      thank you for listening to my song.  I think if I took out the 16th notes on some of the drum parts and restructured it a bit it would accomodate vocals a little better.  I do enjoy singing and I guess it could only help to give the listener some sort of message to take away from the song.  thanks again for listening though and I'll keep it in mind :-)