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    I just upgraded to Windows 7 to get later software. After 3 days it still seems like it

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    Yes, win 7 has some memory allocation and indexing tools that optimize the system based on use. I had a similar thing happen when I first installed win 7 on my DAW. After a month or so, it settles down and runs as stable as XP. It may be a little inconvenient at first but it winds up being more stable so just let it do its thing. Then if you're still noticing issues, you may want to optimize your system. I normally do that anyway, because all my daw does is audio work. I remove all background programs, internet, antivirus, and services that aren't needed for recording. I make sure I'm getting every last ounce of CPU and memory power from my daw so I avoid dropouts during critical mixing sessions.

    Defragging regularly and getting rid of junk files is good too. The less clutter the smoother running. Any kinds of updates I do manually as well. I don't need Microsoft or Adobe  telling me I need to do an upgrade when I'm mixing. I shut all that auto update crap off and leave the network cable disconnected. You can even open up the task manager using the Control Alt Delete keys and view which processes are sucking up all the resources. Some have to run, but many, like those task bar shortcuts for making CD's or launching programs only speed those program launches at the price of using resources. I shut them down. They still work if I need them when manually launched. 


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      Good tips. The main problem I was having was internet related issues and Windows 7 not behaving as well with my video card as XP did. I wasn't having a problem until I started downloading all the Windows updates. When I first installed the OS it worked good, so what you say about the updates is true. So far Pro tools is working good with no tweaking, I'm running 64 bit with 6 MB ram. I'm also running with the optimum performance settings on.