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Technique to save a note fadeout?


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  • Technique to save a note fadeout?

    I have a project with a solo acoustic guitar chord that is held for about 4 beats. On or about beat 3 you can hear someone talking in the background. I've attempted to cut the note just before the talking and copy & paste the beginning of the fadout on the end of the good part and adjust the volume down at the paste point using automation. This has producted an almost acceptable result. However, if this has ever happened to anyone else and there is a better way to fix it i'm all ears. I want to preserve the original length of the note of course. I am using Cubase 7.

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    1. Gray: Cut out the talking

    2. Make a copy of the track

    3. Select: sizing applies to time stretch

    4. Blue: close the gap



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      Fantastic! Thanks. I do use time stretch occasionally but didn't think of it for this problem. Now you've created a monster as this same project had a few additional holes that needed filling...