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WAAY XTRA Reverb on Win Media Player

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  • WAAY XTRA Reverb on Win Media Player

    I PRAY I can get an answer on this.  I use Sonar, Samplitude ProX12, Audition 1.5 to mix my wav files.  The problem is when I get them sounding the way I want them to, then test them on Windows Media Player it sounds like I added 10X's the amount of reverb that I actually did.  I NEVER had this problem before.  Any MSoft Audio Developers here?


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    First try another media player or play it back on another computer with win media player. If the problem is still there its a problem with your file or the way you mixed it down.

    There are some settings in Windows Media player listed under advanced like SRS Wow that can do funky things to the playback. Make sure those items are turned off. If a recording is mixed properly you don't need them. There's also an EQ there that might be tweaked to make the reverb tone louder than it is. 

    There may also be some issues with the routing between the WM player and the win mixer that's not wired right. You may have some funky latency happening on playback because of the routing but that's a reach. You can right click on the mixer icon on the win 7 task bar and make sure you have the correct output device selected. Other than that, if those options are turned off, WMA plays back exactly what you mixed down.

    The usual cause of reverb issues being either too much or not enough come from the way the recording was mixed and the #1 cause of depth issues with three dimensional placement is caused by mixing with headphones.  

    Because headphones are placed directly on the ears, everything mixed with them winds up being two dimensional. It has height and width only. There has to be air between your ears and speakers to get the third dimension "Depth" adjusted properly.

    Reverb is a depth adjustment which adjusts the image closer and further from the speakers and without actual space your judgment using the effect is handicapped. Someone who is highly experienced using headphones may be able to get something close to optimum one out of 10 mixes, but even that mix can be greatly improved using monitors. I know about this issue first hand because I used bones for 10 and nearly all my mixes sucked. I occasionally got lucky but it was luck based on A/Being mixes against a good commercial recording.  

    Proper depth works in combination with the EQ settings and stereo placement. As sound gets farther  it gets dimmer and smaller sounding. Less treble and bass are two factors and reverbs will also sound thinner and less bassy. 

    The main thing is by using monitors you are recreating natural room reflection in a room with natural reflection. You will superimpose more reverb upon the speakers reflecting off walls and adjust the reverb so it isn't overdone.  When you have air and space between the ear, your judgment using these time based effects is drastically improved. If there's too much reverb its because that reverb couldn't be heard properly through the headphones and was over used.

    The only other item may be something going on when the tracks were mixed down and too much effect was applied in a bus of something with the reverb adjusted 100% or something. Be sure your bus sends and returns are adjusted properly and the bus outputs are wired right. I have options in Sonar that allow me to select to have the tracks mixed down as I hear them, and I can choose weather I mix down with the effects applied.  If you import the mix back into the DAW program and it plays back with too much reverb, I'd check these settings. This all falls under work flow and how you do things mixing.

    You could always upload a sample here and post a link. Just enough to get some opinions. Often times there are other issues causing the mix to sound off and others can hear the causes because they made the same mistakes and know what it takes to fix them.

    You know I get calls all day long on my day job from technicians asking for help. My favorite is when one says they have a bad part in their hand and ask me if he knows what it is. I tell the techs, "hold it closer to the phone so I can see it" .

    They usually get a laugh out of that because they realize how ridiculous his question was. In essence, they are asking me to see someone through their own eyes. They haven't come up with the technology yet to plug into their brains and share their ears or eyes yet so  posting a clip so I can hear what you're hearing still works best. 



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      Thanks guys.  I'm kind of embarrassed I hadn't thought of that.