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  • Diagnosing Monitor Issue

    Over the course of a month the woofer of one of my Adam A7 monitors developed a low frequency crackling and eventually failed completely. Sound still comes from the tweeter. Sound like a blown woofer or possibly something with the circuit board?

    I bought it in 2007 so I think I'm out of my warranty phase. Should I buy a replacement woofer of send it to a tech? Any suggestions on where to go for a well priced replacement?

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    Try pulling the woofer, and hooking up a speaker that you know is good to it.

    If it does, then it's the speaker.

    If it doesn't it's the electronics in the LF section of the circuit.

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      Besides connecting the woofer solo to a sound source,

      If you get the speaker out you can try an ohm meter on it. It should read between 4~16 ohms

      You can also do the battery test. Hook up a 1.5v battery and see if the cone moves.

      If non of the items work you likely have an open coil.

      Pushing the cone in and out by hand can sometimes detect the cone rubbing which is a sign of the

      coil being cooked.

      If the speaker tests good, then it may be the amp circuit that drives it.

      Since these kind of monitors have built in amps, the boards see heavy vibrations.

      any poor solder joints can make for a bad contact. Close inspection or even reheating the solder

      joints can often time fix them. If not, there probibly isnt much you can do.

      If its the woofer the most you can do is dig on EBay for a good one or buy a new pair of woofers at a place like Parts Express.

      Its unlikely you'll find a single so a pair is the best way to go so you have balanced sound. Even then you

      have the specs that need to match to have the same responce.


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        Quote Originally Posted by D
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        I bought it in 2007 so I think I'm out of my warranty phase. Should I buy a replacement woofer of send it to a tech? Any suggestions on where to go for a well priced replacement?

        Don't be too sure about that. Adam warranty is currently 5 years; and IIRC it's always been that way. If you're out of warranty, it's not by a lot and they may be flexible. If you bought them at Mercenary, the warranty is doubled.

        Give them and/or your dealer a call.

        (this assumes that your issue is covered by the warranty in the first place)

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          Thanks for all the help, everyone. I bought the monitors at Mercenary and they said they would take care of it but it seems the process will take a couple weeks being that service is done out in California. I'm in Philadelphia.

          Anyway, in the case that they may replace the woofer, is it advisable to get a second woofer for my other functional monitor, as WRGKMC suggests, so that it is "balanced"?


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            I saw your post 

            Did you get your monitors fixed within warranty, and was there any drama from the the supplier or did they fix them with no questions? Also how long did you have them for e.g. where they still within the Adam 5 year warranty period, and did you have to pay.

            I have having a similar problem, Im waiting for the repair center to decide what the outcome is, initially they said they were out of warranty and they actually still have a year left. Now they are saying if the speaker is blown its not covered by warranty.  I am based in the UK, and it seem that US customer service is much better (From some of the forum posts I have read).

            I'm trying to gather some evidence and in case the supplier refuse to honor under warranty, any info you can provide is greatly appreciated Thanks for taking the time to read and answer.