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Using two interfaces simultaneously?

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  • Using two interfaces simultaneously?

    I've got a Line 6 PodStudio UX2 which I use primarily for the Virtual guitar amps (PodFarm 2).


    I recently bought the Apogee Duet 2 and am using it for my microphones, I personally think my studio monitors sound better with it as well.


    So currently I'm trying to have it setup such that my UX2 is used as my INPUT (for my guitars) and have my Duet 2 as my OUTPUT (studio monitors).


    When I launch PodFarm 2 (the virtual amp program), I get signal but no sound. I did some read up on it and apparently I HAVE to use the UX2 as my OUTPUT or it just won't work.


    Is there any way to go about this?

    I feel terrible that I just blew money on 2 interfaces and now I have to give up one.



    Thanks in advance!

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    I believe there is no digital music production software where you can apply two external audio interfaces simloultanously on one computer at the same time

    however I use two audio out on the same computer, the motherboard sound OUT and the extra audio interface can sound simloultanously

    I prefer the sonic quality of the latest motherboard sound out which is 192kHz/ 24-bit


    • KevinTJH
      KevinTJH commented
      Editing a comment

      Wouldn't that overload the studio monitors then?


      So there's really no way to work it out? I only need the UX2 to run PodFarm.