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Constructing drum tracks for a blues composition?


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  • Constructing drum tracks for a blues composition?

    I've reached a level on guitar and bass that I want to start trying to write and record my own material... however I am held back by my inablity to play or program a natural sounding drum track.

    Can anyone recommend a site where I can grab some bluesy drum loops that I can stick end to end in a DAW? I've got access to Ableton Live, Reason 4 and the EZDrummer plugin, along with a Korg PadKontrol for finger drumming.

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    Do you have Guitar Pro? If so, you can download a guitar Pro tab of a song that has drums you like, export the guitar pro tracks to Midi, and insert the Midi drum track in Ableton. Then just use EZdrummer. I do this all the time with Reaper.


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      Have you got any Ableton drum kit suitable for guitar pro MIDI track? I mean, when you export the drum tab from GP and load it on ableton, its notes always come as "regular" instruments' notes and when i drag a Drum Kit to it i always have to adjust the kick, toms, snares... because they're always different from GP's display... Did you build or do you have any drum kit that matches gp's drum sets?

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    Never heard of guitar pro, but the rest of it makes sense... I'll check it out, thanks for the advice!


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      No recommendation or endorsement implied but you should be able to find some good loops someplace in the thousands of free MIDI drum loops seemingly offered at these sites:


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        +1 to the previous suggestions, though you might have to sift through quite a few MIDI files to find a well programmed one that has the groove you want, from what I've seen of the Guitar Pro tabs, the MIDI programming is usually of a pretty good standard. You also said you've got EZ Drummer - does it not come with built in grooves ? (usually sorted according to genre) if so, so you should be able to drag and drop the grooves onto your MIDI drum track and then sequence them the way you want.

        Yes - EZDrummer does have built-in 'grooves' but I never found one I liked for slow blues! Plus as a non-drummer I'm not really sure what I want to program - an existing drum MIDI track from a guitar pro song with the sort of feel I want seems to be an ideal solution.


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          If you want to go the Guitar Pro tabs route you dont need Guitar Pro to play Guitar Pro tabs. theres a open source free tab player called Tux Guitar that will play Guitar Pro tabs and you can also export files out to midi.
          Theres no need to buy Guitar Pro just for that.

          For just midi loops Groove Monkee has a free sample pack with differnet styles.Rock,Pop,Country,Blues..etc..

          Groove Monkee is offering over 600 MIDI drum loops to download for free. The loops are samples from our MIDI drum loop libraries. No purchase or registration is required...the loops are available in Mac or PC format from our Samples section. The following formats are included in the downloads:

          • Addictive Drums
          • BFD
          • BFD2
          • Battery
          • EZdrummer
          • FL Studio FPC
          • GM
          • Groove Agent
          • iMap
          • Larry Seyers
          • Ableton Live
          • Reason NN-XT
          • Reason Drum Kit Refills
          • Cakewalk Session Drummer
          • Steven Slate Drums
          • Superior Drummer (Toontrack)
          • DFH 1 and 2


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            Well I call them 'Grooves' because that's what BFD calls them ...in case you don't have any luck extracting drum tracks from Guitar Pro etc I've attached a couple of shuffle beats for you to try, you might have to slow them down a bit though (think they're 120 bpm) or maybe edit the velocities if you want to make them a bit lighter.

            That's fantastic, thanks again. At work right now so can't check them out till I get home.


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              AlexMC wrote:
              a natural sounding drum track.

              Can anyone recommend a site where I can grab some bluesy drum loops


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              Do you need live drum tracks? http://www.drumtracksdirect.co.uk/


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                You *might* find some useable loops here:-


                It's a good idea to run a few different searches thru their search engine. It's often surprising what can be found on that site.