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i really want to sing but my voice isn't good enough. help.


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  • i really want to sing but my voice isn't good enough. help.

    Im training myself for like 2 days and i dont know if im doing it right. I think my training is just like nothing and lame and i think my voice is also kinda lame. I used a cellphone recorder.

    >i let my emotions go through( i really feel the song)and i didn't care about how i sound.. 
    >i didn't focus on the articulation and vocals just emotions 
    >results in nasal, childlike voice, poor articulation
    > i think i've lost the emotions and i focused more on articulation 
    >clearer but no emotions 
    > not so nasally 
    *so guys what do you think? 
    -----did i train myself wrong? so should i stop training?? 
    -----or im getting there. just practice more and more. 
    -----any tips and suggestions? 
    which is better, the before or the after??
    here's the link 


    THANKS guys so much it means so much to me " id="smiley" src="https://guitarcenter.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-.png" alt=":smiley:" title="Smiley Very Happy" />

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    2 Days and you're getting discouraged already?  People who sign well often put in a good 8 hours work, 365 days a year for decades and then still have the competition to deal with putting on a good performance.

    This is the big problem with musicians today. They expect instant results and get discouraged when they find its something harder than they expected. I'm not picking on you Grace, but you have to put things in perspective if you want to meet and take the challenge and succeed.

    Here's a little story.

    There's a great musician. People see him perform and call him gifted. All they see and hear is the results. What they don't see is the countless hours the musician put in busting his fingers learning how to play and learning how to sing well. That one performance may have taken months to perfect and even then he may have decades of experience playing other songs equally as well.

    What the people call a gift is no more than a musician who is passionate about his profession, dedicated the time and resources to developing and refining his ability then stuck with the hard work well past any reasoning of why he should even be a musician. This kind of dedication to learning goes beyond superficial motivations like seeking a pat on the head from Mommy, Daddy, Friends, Strangers, and fellow musicians. You rely on them and even if they are truly sincere, you're heading straight for an emotional train wreak when those people fail you.

    You have to have a higher calling to get you through the dire straits and failures that will come and keep you working until you do succeed where others fail because their reasons for being a musician have a weak foundation. This is not to say you don't enjoy the perks of having an audience applaud your successes, but there's only two people who you can't fool. Yourself and the guy whose better than you, and there's always someone better and you can't fool yourself if you're honest with yourself.

    What you choose as a higher calling is up to you. For some its creating a work of art, some focus on the spiritual. Most of your great masters made God as the focal point. They claimed no personal ownership of their talent and often produced the best work, good reason too. When you carry all that pride around its not only a bunch of unnecessary baggage, its a dead weight on your back constantly trying to out do yourself, but its also a target for others to shoot your down. As I said being a musician is highly competitive just like any other business. Many will try to use you for their own self gain.

    Back to your question though. How do you learn to sing?

    There's only one good method and they is to take vocal lessons. In the beginning its all about vocal exercises and has zero to do with content or emotions. If you're focused on that you are wrong headed. Like an athlete who wants to become a pro, they go to training came and work on basics till it comes out of their ears. If they have bad habits they are broken by the coach and if they have strengths, the coach  gets the player to refine those strengths.

    Its not up to the player to decide what's best for themselves, at least not in the beginning. The coach was a player whose been down the road already and has the eye to spot the strengths and weaknesses. He's a Sergeant of as platoon who is there to whip you into shape and no matter how much you hate it, its essential you take his criticism and go beyond what you/ve been trained to do.

    Its the same thing with a music or vocal instructor. You work and you learn till there is no more to learn form others then you should be at the point where you can do the same for others, coach them whether it be the musicians in your band or inspiring others to be a participator instead of a listener.

    Some take the route of trying to teach themselves. Its one in ten thousand they will ever be any good. There's allot of basics to learn and the #1 item is developing a professional Discipline with yourself and others. Amateur's will think playing music is party time and that's the wrong way to go. Those who think music is party time are better off being listeners or amateurs because they wont hold up under the pressure a professional endures and will fold up like a house of cards when things don't go their way and they have to deal with tough decisions. You also have to work twice as hard in your profession to be any good because most people don't appreciate the time you put in to perfecting your ability. All they care about is the results and is those results make them feel good.

    Don't know if this answers any questions. Best advice is call some vocal instructors and take some private lessons once a week. One lesson alone will teach you more in that one hour than you could learn in 10 years slugging it out on your own. Breathing, singing from the diaphragm, finding your vocal range, practicing scales, dealing with dictation and properly projecting words, and even how you stand and balance your weight when standing are all basic items you must learn to do well by the book or you will not excel. Then you can move on to the Hollywood version of what most think of as being a good singer. Hollywood movies do not include the years of slugging it out with the basics, first because its boring to the viewer, second because its a trade secret only those who are wanting to become a professional learn.


    • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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      the results are great considering that you sing now for two days

      and you can strumm a guitar while singing

      also the sonic quality is amazing for a dictaphone

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    Thanks for the feedback and your effort, i really appreciate it soo much . And yeah,I agree wd all of what you said, . And that the best way to learn is to find a vocal coach and take lessons.,. But i just cant afford it its too pricey,.. so,..i'll just maybe stick wd the net to get advices and learn free vocal exercises.. And just hope that it does really help.


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      I dont play guitar. Its an instrumental/karaoke on youtube.. well, I wish i could play guitar.lol


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        Hello !!

         I thought your voice was pretty good !!

          You might go to amazon.com and search the MP3 section for Karen Lane Singsing. She has some vocal training lessons with practice tracks for $8.99 download. Keep working on cover songs, good work so far for you !!  You might try a tamborine and watch some youtube lessons, easier than guitar and gives you something to hold onto on stage. Keep working on one cover song ( a well known and popular one) you like and go do  karaoke at a coffee shop, not a bar, to get practice singing in front of other people.  Maybe consider a harmonica with a slide button.  There are other instruments other than the guitar.

        I see you already know how to record on a computer, and that is a big plus too !!

          Piano is easier than guitar.



      • catscurlyear
        catscurlyear commented
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        you have a nice voice . playing guitar and singing is easy, you should try accompanying yourself  .it puts you  in control of song choice and then you can do it on your own if you want , plus you don`t  have to sing along to those tacky karoke backing tracks.