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A Recording Set Up With a DAW and a HD Recorder


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  • A Recording Set Up With a DAW and a HD Recorder

    I recently got Mixcraft and learned all too quickly the downside of recording on a DAW ie, latency, freezes, crashes, and many other buggy things. I recorded a couple of songs but as I added tracks Mixcraft became unstable inspite of the fact that it was reporting it was using less than 30% of system resources. Mixing on it was OK. I am in the process of learning Reaper and I am suspecting that it may also have some of Mixcrafts ISO ie ASIO drivers that don't work, latancy that can't be solved properly ect...

    A pro sugested that I purchase a HD recorder and then dump the tracks into a DAW like Cubase LE but I hear that Cubase LE is counter intuitive.

    I was thinking of getting a ZOOM r 16 or r 24 and use it as a DAW controller.

    Your thoughts?



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    Mixcraft is a program. The question is what are your computer specs required to run the program reliably.

    Their site says it requires

    • 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB Ram (2 GB or more Recommended)
    • Windows