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Looking for a Forum for GarageBand Recording on iPad?

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  • Looking for a Forum for GarageBand Recording on iPad?

    Do you know any forum or web support for all things related to GarageBand on iPad?

    I did a quick recording yesterday to test my new iTrack from Focusrite. I miked a small amp (Gretsch G5222 and Fender Champion 600) to do a side by side compare of tones. Using a Seinheiser mic e609 special for amp cabinet I recorded two tracks into GarageBand on my iPad 2. Quality is pretty awesome when monitoring via headsets. Everything worked fine with the mic and the iTrack. However, when I wanted to copy and edit the tracks I realized my limitation. Either the audio recording features on iPad's GarageBand are not that elaborate or I don't know what or where to look. I was having problems copy-pasting the track; so I keep an original dry version and apply certain effects on the copied track. And more. 

    So, I realize that maybe there are forum out there dealing with all things iPad and Garageband. If you know, send your suggestions. I'll try on YouTube as well.

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