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Are MXL microphones any good?

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  • Are MXL microphones any good?

    Muscians Friend has a MXL 990 with shockmount on sale for 49 bucks. Seems like a good deal and hard to pass up. Any thoughts on this microphone?




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    They are fine. Nothing wrong with them at all, and especially at the low prices. I have a couple of their $100 ribbon mics and I've been well pleased with them.


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      I think MXL makes some of the better mics in the budget ranges. They are what I normally recommend for a beginner setup. They have some limitations of course but it can find other uses as you collect more and build a mic locker. I still have one of their older budget versions I bought 10 years ago used and it still gives me good sound.


      • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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        MXL mics are good

        but what do you want to record?

        they have 67 different models

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      I used to have an MXL 4000 condenser mic.  I was always very pleased with it.  Great for the price!



      • Joseph Kimbrell
        Joseph Kimbrell commented
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        Well, to clear up my answer...I may have liked my MXL 4000, but I LOVED my 1982 Neuman u87

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      From the vantage point of a spoiled ass little bitch like myself with Neumann and Peluso mics, I'd say no.

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      • Rudolf von Hagenwil
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        from the point of view of a spoiled bitch owning 220 microphones, I say

        a $50 MXL sounds extremly good compared to a $14,000 NU-47


        the sonic difference are maybe so about $117.95

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      I have a pair of the MXL 603's modded by Michael Joly, they sound better than my AKG 391's and cost less.

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