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Best way to connect a mixer to a Tascam


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  • Best way to connect a mixer to a Tascam


    Sorry for such a noob queston but I don't know the best way to hook up my mixer with a recording device (Tascam). My mixer has a record out (RCA),an aux out, a monitor out, a main out and a USB. The mains are going to my QSC K10 speakers, the other outputs are free. Which is the best to use then?

    My Mixer = Allen & Heath Zed-10fx

    My digital recorder = Tascam D-100MKII


    I am also planning to upgrade my amp to the Soundcraft MFXi 8 (not sure though). However, if i do push thru with it, will i still use the same output (as the Zed) to connect my Tascam to?


    Note: My Tascam has XLR input





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    are you doing any stereo panning on the mixer?


     you can take the monitor out. You'd need two RCA to XLRm cables to do so. Same applies to the record out. Same signals on those outputs only the monitor has it's own level control in case you need to attn it down independent of the mains


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      That mixer has a stereo USB output that allows recording directly to a DAW. That would be your best option.

      The tascam does have a S/PDIF input for recording from a digital mixer. Problem is the mixer only has a USB output.

      You may be able to use a USB to S/PDIF converter like this one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812186171&nm_mc=KNC-GoogleAdwords&cm_mmc=KNC-GoogleAdwords-_-pla-_-USB+Converters-_-N82E16812186171&gclid=CMixo-74kLkCFUPl7AodJA0A9g

      I believe the cable between the usb converter and the tascam should be a 700 ohm cable designed to carry digital data, not an analog cable for an audio signal. Check your manual for details.


      You may want to google around and see what the best options are. I'm not sure if a $50 usb to SPIDF converter is better than an $11 one. It shouldnt make any difference because all it does is pass "ones and zeros" not musical notes. So long as the data gets from point A to point B, thats all that matters.  

      I havent tried an application like this before but it should work. This way, you dont have to be dealing with a bunch of analog cables susceptable to noise, and since the signal coming into the tascam is already digitized, you bypass the tascams preamp and converters and have the digital signal go straight to the storage card memory.

      If you are going to try the analog route, I wouldnt use the XLR inputs unless you are using XLR outputs from the mixer. Even then you have the signals passing through the mains and that stage adds noise to the signal.

      I suggest you use the 1/8" stereo input jack which is also used for line level inputs. You could get a 1/8" to stereo RCA phono or 1/4" extension and try a few options and see what works best. The mixer has a recording out so that may be the place to start. If you want to capture individual mics, you can use the line inserts on the board. Or use combinations. If you use the monitor/aux send on one channel, then a mic insert on another, you can get different instruments/mics on different tracks.