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  • vintage-electronics.net??????

    Has anyone else had problems dealing with Bob at Vintage-Electronics????

    He sold me, and recomends, a certain meter bulb for my particular application. Well, the bulbs melted into the meters, and the face/trim, and he won't recognize we have a problem. I have been more than patient, but after 2 months, my patience is wearing thin.

    He seems to be highly recomended around the internet world - I'm having a hard time choking that down now.

    anyone else delt with him before????
    Good luck, or Bad luck????

    Thanks, G
    mmm... Yes, that sounds good!

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    OK, I'm happy to report Bob has replied, and can supply a 12 volt bulb to replace the 8 volts installed previously.

    Sometimes a little cage rattling is all that's needed...

    I have read nothing but good things about him and his business, which is partly why I was miffed at the lack of communication. I also realize the 'problem' is mine, not his. I'm sure he is just as busy as am I.

    If the change works to spec, I'll recomend he change his listings and recommendations.

    All for now. I will continue to do business with bob@vintage-electronics.net in the future. He has a well laid out website, and can supply an amazing amount of goodies to help us vintage gear loving guys keep our relics running! (quick with the shipping, too)

    G 8-)
    mmm... Yes, that sounds good!


    • StolenEquipment
      StolenEquipment commented
      Editing a comment

      Bob seemed to be a standup guy, until he referred me to his relative at www.vintageaudioshack.com Jody Toepfer, who took my deposit, emailed me once, never heard from again, and stole my vintage Reel-To-Reel. Now there's 3 disputes on the BBB of people who's vintage equipment that has been ripped off. Bob may be a good guy caught in the middle of this due to him referring his relative, but i would have thought he would have done more than let his relative get away with stealing my equipment. If the site don't have a good contact number, don't use them. StolenEquipment.

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    Thats good.
    You still seem to have a problem with damaged equipment, though.