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Studiomaster Trilogy 326 Owners Manual

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  • Studiomaster Trilogy 326 Owners Manual

    I just got this 15 year old board from my Church, after they go a new X32 system...nice.. I took the Studiomaster Trilogy home an plugged it in, everything works fine...but I do think it would be nice to have the owners manual, does anyone know of a website where I can download the pdf?



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    Just google the model number and find the site. I found the info here. Looks like thay have user manuals you can download.


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      Thanks Wrgkmc, but I have been to this site too with no results I don't need a schematic, I need a users manual. They seem to have a few newer models but no Trilogy 326?


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        The best thing to do is click on their help and info tab, then email them. Its likely an older model, and companies dont always post legacy gear. Sometimes they charge you a minimal fee to have it sent, others will just email it back to you.