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Recording Guitar W/Out going deaf. Huh? What? Did someone say something?


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  • Recording Guitar W/Out going deaf. Huh? What? Did someone say something?

    OK, in the next month or two I hope to finish off a new rehersal/recording room. It won't be large (about 14' X 29') but will be entirely dedicated to music.

    I'd like to do some recording but don't want to go deaf in the process. Music will be classic rock, jazzy, electric, acoustic with the typical instruments. Some will be recorded by themselves and some together. 

    I have an Edirol UA-1000 into a PC with Sonar.

    I like my "Fenderish" tube amp sound but don't want to play loud and I'd like to clearly hear the music when I'm overdubbing leads and don't want to crank the headphones.

    I've read some pros and cons on the Marshall SE100, the Palmer PDI's, ADA MP1 etc. but most of those posts are older. 

    I'm most interested in the "clean" sound as I can dirty the signal later if I want. 

    I like Johnny A.'s sound but obviously one can't tell how much processing goes on after the recording. He supposedly uses the Marshall SE100 and JMP-1 or a Marshall 6100 along with a lot of other gear that I couldn't afford. LOL

    If it's really quiet, with just me recording, I could mic the cab. I have Shure SM57(3), SM58(1), Beta 58(1), EV PL80a (3), an older but well kept AKG C 414 B-ULS, a PAIA Mic Tube Preamp, and a very old Roberts 770 which I haven't modded for a mic preamp yet.

    So, in 2013 what are some of the possible routes to explore? 



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    Build a vocal booth that's big enough to put an amp in?


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      I'm confused as to your question.

      you're recording the amp in te same room, i get that.

      do you play it loud? use pedals? want feedback from the guitar? why cant you simply turn it down ?

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    I second the iso cab... either build one of those, or sound proof as closet and stick your amp in there... seems to be the best option imo..


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      I have a couch in my studio. Put my blues jr behind it and sometimes make a cave out of the cushions. No bleed