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Boss MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder


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  • Boss MICRO BR BR-80 Digital Recorder

    I wanted to leave a quick note for anyone who has bought this.....it works awesome
    but something that I couldn't find the answer for was how to disable the built in mics
    when recording with the line in jack....it's easy actually.....turn down the input level
    all the way and adjust the input level on whatever you're running into that jack. As far
    as the guitar / mic jack, that automatically disables the mics when you plug in.

    I like being able to use the built in mics when running a keyboard into the line in jack....
    nice feature.

    I was surprised to find that this records better than when I sample with my
    Yamaha Motif ES. I have read reviews where people say this isn't pro and I strongly
    disagree......there is absolutely no noise, even when I record from analog sources. I'm
    amazed at the sound quality, especially considering the size of this thing !!!
    Also, this has 64 tracks though you can only play 8 at once.  Each of the eight tracks has
    eight virtual tracks but you can only use one at once.....this is nice for multiple takes or
    whatever.....multiple takes lets the song sound fresh and not like a carbon copy of previous

    The load and save times are really fast....with my Motif ES, loading and saving samples is
    painfully slow, sometimes taking 10 minutes or more each time.....that totally kills workflow
    and you forget your musical ideas, but if you don't save your work every 5 minutes or so, if
    there would ever be a hiccup in the electricity, you lose everything you have done since your
    last save.

    For the Boss I would buy the high speed cards to make everything work better.

    One other thing, Boss equipment seems to really stand the test of time.....some other new
    multi-tracks are known to fry without warning for no reason from time to time (I have read
    the reviews for sooooooo many). Roland also has free phone support for 4 hours on mondays,
    wednesdays & fridays to walk you through anything you need help with, even if it's out of
    warranty and you bought it used. Korg won't help you if your equipment is out of warranty.
    Yamaha has really good phone help with problems as well.....they usually have to call you back

    I hope this helps !!!!

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    For portability, they are a cool tool. I'd probibly buy a Zoom for the price though.

    I found this review of this units shortcomings based on previous models. Though I dont see anything major, there The one thing I'd want is the ability to record at higher sample rates. Still a cool unit though. Other useres advise you backup the entire memory to your computer. If the software of the unit is ever damaged, you're screwerd getting it back on there because it doesnt come with a backup CD.




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      I accidentally erased the software as it was only on the SD card so I downloaded it all again from Roland. They should have included a CD with the software.  I don't trust CD's to backup data so I will burn the data to a couple DVD's so I have a backup copy.

      The Zoom R8 was one of the multi-tracks that people complained about....they said it totally fried (the motherboard).....it looks like a fun machine but would suck if it fried out.