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Are there any other DAW's that can open Ableton Live projects?


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  • Are there any other DAW's that can open Ableton Live projects?

    I need to go into my Live Lite projects and bounce some tracks and record some samples. The problem is, Live Lite has been further limited in the number of tracks and effects that can be used, probably to make us freeloaders pay for Live Intro.

    Anyway, so now I have projects with missing tracks and effects, etc. And because of the limitations, it is annoying and time consuming to get everthing back to the way it's supposed to be in my projects. I went through the Live 9 trial but it doesn't have some of the Lite instruments that I used.

    I remember reading somewhere in an advertisement for a DAW that it opens Live projects, anyone know which one?

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    Each manufacture seems to have their own bundling features. Sonar has their own, cubase another. The way you move a projectto another daw program is to export and import the individual wave files which are universal to all daw programs. The reason why one bundle wont open in another DAW is because it contains effects, and peramater settings that are unique to that project and to that DAW's built in effects.

    What most do if they have the tracks and effects they want, you can render the effects to those tracks first. (then save the project to a new name so you still have the original tracks. Better yet, open the project, save it with a new name, then render the effects to the tracks) The rendering will be perminant once the fales saved and closed and cant be undone so you better be sure its waht you want.

    If the program has track limitations then your obvious answer is, you may want to merge tracks to free up space or you need a low cost DAW program that doesnt have those limitations. Many choose Reaper because the demo version is fully functional and the cost if like $65 for a nag free version.

    Then you just open the program and import all your current wave track files from thet project and go on from there. You may be able to use the old DAW's plugins if the new DAW program is able to find them. My main DAW programs are Sonar and Cubase. I set up Cubase first because its the originator of VST and VSTI plugins. The plugin folders setup automatically, and I place all my additional plugin Dll's in the same folder so they will function properly running Cubase. 

    Then when I install Sonar I set the effect scanning utility to find most of the Dll's in the Cubase effect file on the drive. The rest I have to know where they reside on the drive and capture them as shared Dll's wherever they installed. I try and keep them all in one file because I found its easire to move them to a new drive when it comes time to re[place the main drive or upgrade the operating system, something you have to do every year of so. Drives get worked hard recording and the drives wear out so you need a plan for upgrading. The jump from XP to vista or win 7 was a bastard because you had to do a clean install. I suppose win 8 wouldnt require a clean install, but its not a DAW friendly OS. I'm guessing it will be another year or two and everything will be 64 bit so people will have to upgrade. Until then, as you build your daw up, you have to remember life is change and nothing man made is perminant.

    Keep a good backup plan available. I heard a knocking noise in my internet daw a few days ago. This is usually a sighn of trouble so I'm already thinking of how I will back things up and replace that one. First is to move everything I can to a spare drive, second is to get a high quality drive as a replacement. I've been burned by drive crashes before losing thousands of dollars worth of programs. I know its better to have multiple copies on multiple drives. If I swap this drive out before it goes, it will wind up being a backup OS where I can use it to boot this current system up.  


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      I don't understand how having another application that can open Live projects helps you. Even if a third party app could open a Live project file, the Ableton instruments would not be available and your problem would not be solved.

      I think there was a rumor that Bitwig might eventually open Live projects but again, I don't see what it gains you.

      Maybe a used full version of Live version 8 will do what you want?