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Should I charge for project files?


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  • Should I charge for project files?

    Hey guys, quick question for those that run studios. I have been dealing with a difficult band for months now. In a nutshell, they did 6 tunes, I've remixed them 3 times now, and the mix gets worse every time...apparently they are going for a "st. anger" sound, lol. Anyways, I don't want my name associated with the project anymore, seeing how I make a lot of my income recording.

    Thing is, now they are wanting the actual project files...to have them remixed again I'm assuming. Should I charge for these?...
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    Have you been billing them hourly, or is it project-based?

    If hourly, I'd charge them maybe an hour to deliver the files.

    Project-based, just suck it up and do it. Life's too short.

    However, make sure to remove all EQ, levels, processing, etc., so they have a blank slate.

    If they bitch, explain to them that since they didn't like your mixes, it'll be better if they have the new guy start from scratch.


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      Thanks for the reply. They were billed hourly, so that's what I was kind of thinking...billing them for an hours worth of creating .omf files.

      They are going to record 3 new tunes in their practice space, and mix and master themselves