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Recommend an alternative now GarageBand is no longer available for iPad 1st gen?


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  • Recommend an alternative now GarageBand is no longer available for iPad 1st gen?

    I was planning on buying GarageBand to use on my 1st gen iPad (16gb) running iOS 5.1.1 with my Focusrite iTrack Solo, and the MIDI keyboard (+CCK) I am in the process of buying.

    The new version of GarageBand requires iOS7 and I am very p!$$

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    I believe reaper will run on Macs. I'm not a Mac guy but many choose Reaper over Garage band when they advance in recording. Its free to try and is very low cost to buy. Its fully functional as a download from what I understand so its worth trying out in any case. Garage band was dead simple and basic from what I understand. You will likely have a learning curve getting it to work but the difference isn't much more than switching from using windows Word Pad to Microsoft Office. You should be able to Type a document in Office fairly easily. The tools are there to use once you advance your skills. Its not like you have to know them all just to record a single song, but they are available on the task bars once you need them and begin to experiment.

    There are many other Mac compatible DAW programs. You can Google up a list easily enough. Some like Logic, Pro tools are pretty complex and expensive. Studio One may be an inexpensive substitute, I don't know. I've heard good things about it, but I haven't tried it. I already use several Windows based DAWs installed on my system and have no desire to try out others presently. Its neat to learn new DAW's but they all do the same thing. They just have different GUI's and hide the buttons in different menus to make you go looking for them. Thay usually have have different plugins available but they all do the same basic things.


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      ^The OP is asking specifically about iOS recording here.

      This app StudioMini XL ? Recording Studio came out when the first generation iPads came out and seems to have great reviews. It's also twice the price of GarageBand iOS and I'm not sure how it will respond to the recent iOS7 platform, but maybe you can search some more recent reviews before purchasing.


      *BTW since you have the iTrack Solo please disregard this guy in the video suggesting a "camera connection kit", that's vintage iOS talk from many many centuries ago. lol

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