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Blue Snowball clips...using Garageband and iPad2....


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  • Blue Snowball clips...using Garageband and iPad2....

    It can take singing...and acoustic guitar...but stick it a foot or two infront of a medium volume guitar amp and it goes to ****, the -10db pad does nothing...  


    Is mine defective or are they all like this?   (I've used regular condensors in the passed and just had to use the pad on the pre and turn the gain way low.)

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    It may not be distortion caused by loud audio, it may be digital distortion caused by having your latency and/or buffers set too low.

    Since you're using a pod cast mic thats normally designed for voice, it doesnt have the same gain adjustments a normal condenser mic plugged into an interface would have. Most interfaces have a built in preamp and preamp gain knobs as well as a 10 or 20db pad and you can adjust the gain up from zero up to 40~80db gain.

    With a podcast mic you are relyant on what the software/drivers can do. Some podcast mics have an adjustable volume on the sides. The rest you adjust with the drivers you download much like the windows mixer adjusts the recording and playback of a built in sound card.

    The manual says:

    You may need to adjust the Snowball's input level in the control panel if you experience any distortion (crackling).

    This surely sounds like your problem to me. Its amazing what you can find in the operators manual when you actually read it. http://cdn.bluemic.com/pdf/snowball/Snowball_Manual_R9_13_English.pdf


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      I didn't realize where the hell the hid they INPUT gain in garageband.  It's that stupid looking "1/4 plug" symbol you have to click on to get to a new menu.  It worked...sort of.  Still I don't think this mic can really take a loud source without clipping it's internal "amp/converter."