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Starting home recording need help with gear !


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  • Starting home recording need help with gear !

    Hello everyone !
    My Wife birthday is at the end of November And I decided to buy some recording hardware And microphone For her !.
    She is an opera singer "lyrical soprano" , am quite new to this recording world ,she have stage experience for past 15 years And never used microphones before So this is a new world to me And her . 
    I need some microphone And audio interface to record  at home " I have a 5x5 meter room for that reason I will cover the walls later " .
    So after searching for quite sometime I found out that I need audio interface , software , And large condenser microphone .
    And after reading here a lot I found out this would be a good things to buy .. Which not super expensive gear "aside that right now I am working as choir master of library of Alexandria So buying things online will cost double due transportation to here at Alexandria Egypt "

    For software I brought studio one with Melodyne built , sound like fair price compared to avid pro tools mad price .

    Audio interface "focusrite scarlett 6i6" very nice with 2 headphones ports sound great to me .... And around 200 USD$ ..
    Here is the problem WHAT MICROPHONE ...
    I managed to make a list of microphone might be good for recording my self as "female opera singer"

    MXL V67G .... Super cheap ! And many good ratings , not sure if it true ..

    Blue Microphones Spark Condenser Microphone, Cardioid .. Looks not that fancy but have a really good votes ..
    MXL 2003A .... ? Any clue ?
    Feel free to add any other microphone you recommend but keep in mind it should not go crazy in price I need overall price for interface + microphone around 400-450 USD MAX ... , So that keep microphone around 150-250 usd at MAX ... And that microphone also will need a pop filter And mount any recommendation on that too ? ... That more money , but feel free to point out any microphone you think its really worth every buck you pay for it "from opera singer Point of view please "

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    So if i understood you right, you haven't actually bought any gear yet?

    You can't go wrong with the Focusrite, i love that company.

    I have a Lexicon Omega interface that i don't use anymore and i would gladly send over to you for free. It's just that i think it costs a lot to ship from Finland to America.

    Check out a microphone company called ''A.I.R''. They have a condenser mic called ''A.I.R Fat Boy''. It costs like a 100 bucks and has an AMAZING sound!



    • Medo
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      Editing a comment

      i brought this gear just arrived yasterday ,

      -Audio-Technica ATH-M50s Studio Headphones
      -Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB Interface
      -AKG C414-XLII Condenser Microphone Kit
      -Shure SM58-LC Vocal Microphone

      now i am reading about how to treat my walls with rockwool panales for recording .