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What happened to Apple Logic?


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  • What happened to Apple Logic?

    There was the Logic boxed version for $499 and Logic Express for $199. Now there is Logic Pro X for $199 but it's an app. Is it just as good as the full Logic boxed version, and is that even available anymore?

    I'm getting a new Macbook Air that is never going online, ever. So I won't be able to get the app version and prefer the full boxed version anyway, I guess I'll have to track it down?

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    Yes they lowered the price of the full version to $199.

    And your Macbook will have to go on-line as Logic is now only sold thru the online store. There are no boxed versions (another way they lowered the price by not having to make box sets.)

    (No reason to fret about keeping your book completely off-line. That's 2005 thinking and not a problem any more...)
    Tim O'Brien


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      Like I said, it's never going online. If I decide to use Logic as a DAW then I'll get a box version.

      Seems like a strange decision to lower the price and make it only available online, and not advertised in the Sweetwater catalog, for example, along with all the other advertised professional DAW's.

      Let me know if they cut the price of Macbooks by more than half too.


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        I would think that there would be many people just as baffled by this. Don't a lot of people use Logic?


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          JoeMusic wrote:
          I would think that there would be many people just as baffled by this. Don't a lot of people use Logic?

          Well, if you want to use Logic you will have to purchase it as a download from Apple's App Store, which means you will have to go online.  You could do it at a Starbucks using your computer's builit-in Wi-Fi.  It will pretty much automatically find the connection for you.  Pay with your credit or debit card on your Apple account while you are enjoying a coffee.  Voila!  You have Logic.  Same thing for enhancement packages or updates.

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        Apple made it just one program at a super low price for a pro daw. I have logic pro 9.1.8 I use Pro Tools 11 but my friends use my Mac mini with logic.


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          I was completely shocked at how cheap they made it. Especially coming from 9. I assumed there was something wrong with it. But no.. it's amazing

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