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Can't Record in Cubase LE 4? Need help!


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  • Can't Record in Cubase LE 4? Need help!

    Hey guys, 

    So I am pretty new to recording. A few years back I got the Digitech RP255 guitar pedal (a "modeling guitar processor) for christmas and it came with the LE version of Cubase 4. 

    I am trying to record to cubase but can't seem to get it to work. I have my pedal connected via USB cable and am able to hear what I play through my speakers and am able to record in Audacity... for what ever reason, however, I can't get it to record in Cubase. It seems like everything is connected how it should be...

    Below is a picture of the VST Audio System, and you can see that the RP255 ASIO is set up as the driver.

    VST Audio System.png 

    Here is the VST Connections window... 

    VST Connections.png

    Below is the Midi Port Setup

    Midi Port Setup.png

    Below is the RP255 ASIO, the only thing on the control panel is Audio buffering > low latency/high stability

    RP255 Asio.png

    Below is the VST System Link 

    System Link.png

    And the image underneath is an example of what it looks like when I record... I am playing my guitar while recording in this image (and sound is coming through my computer speakers) But No waves show up and when I stop recording nothing happens; it looks and sounds exactly the same as before I pressed record...

    recording example.png

    I don't know what is wrong! I have been tring to figure it out for hours. I have been able to record on Cubase with the Digitech RP255 in the past but can't remember how I did it. Please help! 

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    Well, the window that shows latency has question marks and another reads zero. This makes me believe that the program hasnt been properly set up. Every DAW program has some latency. When you set up Cubase, it chaecks your audio devices and sets the optimum latency and buffers. There may also be a button that scans devices and sets them up after the DAW program has been installed. I know on my old version I'd have to go into the C drive/Programs/Steinberg to find and run it.

    It may also be the Program doesnt see the pedal as a good device to record with, or maybe your track doesnt have the proper device selected. You are using Cubase LE which is sold with specific devices. It has limited tracks and may only see the devices it was sold with. The full version I have doesnt have those restrictions so I never had a problem with devices being blocked.

    Cubase works well once you have things connected properly, but it can play games with you when switching things around. What I'd do is backup any work I have with that program, deinstall, defragment then reinstall it again. It may be one of your other programs overwrote some critical files needed by sonar. Upon reinstallation, make sure your guitar pedal is on and active so Cubase sees it and sets up the buffers and latency for the pedal.

    You can always read the manual for the pedal and Cubase too. You usually find something to point you in the right direction.