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Syncing Trax in ProTools


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  • Syncing Trax in ProTools

    I'm a hard core Sonar user going back to '88, and I detest Macs; which is why (amongst other reasons) why I never made, and don't intend to make the migration to ProTools.  However, there IS a feature that I've heard ProTools handles quite well.  That feature is taking an audio track that I don't have the exact tempo for, AND the tempo varies a bit, then syncing it to the computer/DAW EXACTLY!  My question: Is this so?  Also, is this feature available on ALL editions of ProTools?



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    I think most if not all DAWs have a process for that.  It's not automatic in Pro Tools.  If you want to conform the Pro Tools grid to the tempo of imported audio, you can either do it manually by using "identify beat" to place a tempo marker every bar or every couple of bars, or you can use Beat Detective to place the tempo markers for you (the process requires careful monitoring).



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      Yea, I've spent untold hours trying to learn how to use Sonar's AudioSnap; in addition to putting miles of posts on their forum, all to no avail.  I even tried to use their bundled version of Melodyne; which is supposed to be able to do it better than any software in the biz, but darned if I can figure it out.