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Any Way to Make Digitech Vocalizer 4.0 SOund More Natural?


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  • Any Way to Make Digitech Vocalizer 4.0 SOund More Natural?

    Hi Everyone:  I have the Digitech Vocalizer 4.0.  It is one generation before Digitech added a

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    Harmonizers are what they are. They resample the frequency and attempt to force them into pitch.

    If you think some other box will do a better job, the only advice I have is then sell the one and buy the other.

    Or you could dump using a crutch for your vocals and just learn to sing well as you can and stop expecting technology to do it for you. I'm not attempting to be rude here but I know the technology prett good and it can only enhance what is already there and it robs some of the quality thats there to begin with to get those results. Its easy in our pushbutton world to think you can pass something through technology and have it come out better. The fact is there is no perpetual motion. Never has been and never will be.

    When you pump vocals through a harmonizer it robs the voice of its human elements to get that steady pitch and my opinion is, instead of fighting that technology and being subdued by its idiocyncracies, thet energy adapting to its limitations can be put to better use learning to sing well. So your voice goes a little flat or sharp. Most people including myself prefer to see someone battleing to bet to the notes than fighting technology to try and do it. Its the human element that connects with the listener.

    Its like a Football player that playes a whole game being beathen down and when he finally overcomes the human limitations we all have and makes that great play, or hits that one critical note, its when peoples eyebrows go up and thet say, I wish I could do that. Or they may say, I could do that id I had the balls to work as hard at it as that guy can. Doing something great on your own without a crutch to get you there give the most satisfaction. But to get there it takes thousands of hours hard work. Only the best will attempt to go that far to refne their abilities to such a degree.

    If you're into recording I'd attempt to get the best possible vocals by singing the best you can. If you have some sour parts, dub in more tracks. If you cant do better, put it aside for awhile and come back to it. You'll often find what was a struggle the first attempt becomes childs play a few days later when your voice and mind heals. Then and only then, you can go do some retouch where its needed the most.

    When and If I use a harmonizer on say chorus parts, I use a method used by many. I may pitch one vocal up by a few cents and another down a few cents. I may also delay them by a few miliseconds so the main vocal hits the note before the others so they arent all stomping on the same note at the same time. This adds some of the human element back that you lost pumping the vocals through the processing to begin with.

    Otherwise I just deal with the real thing which can be beat by any technologu so long as it has passion and is done well.


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      Run each part to its' own track, and then edit/slide them around until they sound loose enough.

      Or, you could just sing the harmony parts?


      "Thank You, NASA!"