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Tuning up - Should I be concerned

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  • Tuning up - Should I be concerned

    Recently started looking at Pearl Jam's song Daughter which is in GGDGAD. What should be my concern level of tuning some pricey instruments up? The E goes up 1 1/2 steps.
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    I'd be inclined to buy an extra A string and replace the low E with it. Very light strings would probably work but you'd have two G's with very different tension.
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      So its bascially DADGAD with the 5th down to G and the 6th up to E? According to the D'Addario chart a 0.053 goes from 25.5 pounds to 36.1, a 0.056 goes from 29.3 to 41.4. The rest of your strings will be going down in tension so the overall affect on the neck and action won't be bad but I do worry about that 6th string. In fact most people who play in DADGAD use mediums to bump the tension up. For one song once in a while I might consider tuning lights that way and put up with the high tension in the 6th and light on everything else, if I was going to leave a guitar in that tuning I'd put mediums on it with a 45 or so on the bottom.

      I'm not familiar with the song - do you really need the double G's? Do you fret them differently or are they just drones? If so I would consider not playing the 6th at all - just like all those chords with the X on the string that doesn't work


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        do what keith richards does and don`t even put the bottom string on in other words a 5 string .
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