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  • Yamaha FG800 for the road

    Well, after a recent Vermont trip with my wife I decided to pop for a new Yamaha FG800 from Guitar Center. At $169 on sale, it's ideal for a traveling git. I put it in a Roadrunner case. The tone is good and the volume is not bad. It's not my Taylor, obviously, but it beats a lot of guitars in the $200 - $600 range. I lowered the action and it plays like silk. I am impressed.

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    Hey Mickey! Good to see you. Congratulations on the new guitar. It's hard to go wrong with a Yamaha.



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      Thanks, Garthman. I've been so busy for the last year that I have hardly had time to visit the forums. I've been on the road several times for business, so, the Yammy is an inexpensive git and nice player. The action is now very much like my old Martin D15. The sound is nice, but, it is not as full as the Taylor, for obvious reasons. Still, it's a great guitar for the road (or a beginner's instrument). I'll be doing a review some time this weekend... most likely.


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        Congratulations and Happy New Guitar Day. $169 is a great price for a guitar of that quality.
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          Hello Mickey. Good to see ya!

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            My travel guitar is a Taylor GS mini.

            I bought a mahogany one way back and liked it enough to buy a second one in Koa with the fancy pick up system they now put in most of there GS mini's. The new GS mini's have some new pick up system with an onboard tuner. ES-B Electronics they call it. Taylor could leave well enough alone.

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