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  • Kinda Off Topic -Advice Needed

    I've been thinking about getting a video camera to record myself playing guitar and singing to attempt to improve both of those things. I'd like to get something better than my iPhone, although
    maybe that might be the best option. What do you folks recommend?

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    logitech stuff works for me


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        More often than not, I just use my iPhone or an iPad. Works fine for me.

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          Logitech works for me. A lot cheaper than a Gopro. Just clamp it on my music stand.

          A large mirror can be useful too. Seriously.
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            I tried the video thang. In my case I decided it best to leave that stuff to the beautiful people and stick to sound only. I have thought of making a demo of how to play something. It stopped there.
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              I have been using my Zoom H4 with headphones to practice my singing with. I get the instant feedback of hearing through the headphones and I have the recording to play back. Can't see how the video would help playing or singing. It could be good for performance. Any camera. or phone will do.


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                You know, the more I think about it, as several of you suggested, I may just use my iPhone. I really don't need anything fancy, just to watch myself play and sing. I'm just interested to see how I look when I perform. Maybe I can correct some bad habits. I can always step up to a more expensive video camera later if it comes to that. Thanks for the suggestions!


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                  I use a mirror.
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                    Just use the iPhone. I use mine and livestream on Periscope (Twitter’s streaming app.) it’s far from studio quality but it gets the point across. I find that if you show a little skin people will come on in and will give you feedback in real time. Some want to see how thick your skin is though
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                      I'm glad you mentioned about having thick skin. I don't handle criticism very well - one of the things I need to work on. And thanks for the tip about Periscope.


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                        I've been pretty happy with my Zoom Q3 all these years
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