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    I was looking at posts from many years ago this morning and was laughing at how may gits I bought were the best ever and they were sold by me within a year. The only surviving gits I have are my D18 copy, my Luthier classical, which is now up for sale and I rebought a yammie LJ6 a few months ago because I missed that. I've had a Seagull, a Martin, an Alvarez, a Parkwood, a Blueridge, a Michael Kelly electric, two Ibanez jazz guitars, and an Ibanez solid body. an Epiphone electric and three banjos (none of which I can play) a Yammie flamenco and a classical, an orpheus valley classical and a Francisco Navarro Flamenco guitar. I think I've got a problem...My name is BigAl and I'm a Gasoholic!
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    welcome bigAl.

    i have 10 guitars, 6 amps (4 tube), i stopped counting efx pedals
    i haven't sold any musical gear evar
    i'm a gasoholic and horder


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      I've bought a few, sold a few. Tried to keep it within limits - naming them from A to ... well curreltly I'm beyond Z ...
      Had some good, some bad and some ugly ones, but the good ones - my Binh bespoke guitars - will stay with me. And possibly my D35. All others are subject to ... well, whatever happens. But if I don't have to, I'm not eager to sell. Unless one makes an offer I can't refuse.
      My beloved says:"I don't count your guitars, you don't count my shoes and handbags!" - and so far, we live a happy life not counting each other's sins...


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        Same here. I've owned perhaps 25 guitars. I currently have only two. My Martin 000-15s and a Taylor GS Mini.
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        Thanks SAWG!


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          Y'know, I never remember being riveted on any guitar I ever bought and I'm still that way. Even the guitars in the hi-nose room at any store leave me feeling aesthetically creeped out to the point of not wanting to play any of them. I do, however, mind the wall hangers these days and must say I really wish they were available when I was more impressionable. I'd probably have been totally fucking baffled and beaten at a much younger age and walked away defeated. Imagine the money I'd'a saved...
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