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    Can anyone tell me anything about Norman guitars? I had a Taylor 110 that was stolen recently and I'm short on cash. I saw a good deal on a Norman B15 on Ebay. I know that they are made in La Patrie, Quebec. Are they made by the same company as Seagull guitars? And are they of comparable quality as a Seagull?

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    They are one of LaSiDo's (the Seagull Company) lines. Read through this thread from the AGDF for the history of the company:


    Here are the specifications on this model.


    Normans and Seagulls are good guitars. Normans are more traditional looking than Seagulls with their squared off Martin style headstock. The B15 is the bottom of the line instrument with laminate top and body. I would rather have a solid topped model.

    These guitars don't cost very much new so I hope you checked out the NEW price to see how good a deal you'd really be getting. You cannot find them on-line but you can find a dealer from their website and call them up to get an idea of price.


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      Thanks 54merk for all the great info. i think i'll pass on the Norman
      It looks like I can get a Seagull S6 or a Taylor Big Baby for $250 to $300 on Ebay. I may do that instead or get a decent used Korean guitar from a local shop. By the way is 54merk your handle because you own a 54 mercury? Just curious.


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        I used to have a Norman B20. Solid spruce top. Really, really nice guitar. Does come with a gloss top if desired, B20HG.
        Wish I kept it.

        Great tone. May be hard to find in the States though.

        Seagull is a great way to go though.


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          Originally posted by eparchment
          TBy the way is 54merk your handle because you own a 54 mercury? Just curious.


          I wish! Nice cars!

          No it's just the first syllable of my last name and year I was born, so my last birthday was downright scary!

          I enjoy lurking around ebay. A new S6 with a warranty is not an expensive guitar so be sure to call a dealer and find out the new price. IMO unless you can save hundreds of dollars on a used instrument you're better off with a new one and a warranty. I think the new ones are only about $350.