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  • Peal Guitars-

    Has anyone heard of "Peal Guitars" - They are on a site called "Guitar Imports.com" . They are very well priced and they also have great reviews.

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    Here is a pic of the Guitar Imports.com "Peal" Guitar.


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      Never heard of them. Sold strictly by mail order. Made in Korea, probably by Samick?? Very good return policy. A bit too fancy for my taste and all that inlay costs money... May be perfectly decent guitars, however if you ever decide to sell it, good luck because they are completely unknown.

      If you really want to purchase mail order why not just go with a Carvin Cobalt? I would not be surprised if they were made in the same factory.

      Carvin has been around for years and has a great reputation.

      Just ask Boggs...........



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        Wow, those are fantastic prices for materials of that quality! Too bad the 12-string's not cheaper.


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          i've never heard of them and they might be decent. i'm a little nurvous about inexpensive guitars with ornate details (think dean). they tend to be heavy in the top and bracing and more flash than tone. just a warning. if you are looking for a real steal then check out a stripped down guitar like a big baby taylor. not much to look at but great tone.

          just a thought.
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            I just purchased one of the JC models from Guitar Imports and i just got it in the mail. IT is an awesome guitar. It looks like a $1000 guitar and plays like one too!