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Help w/Kay Acoustic Guitar ID

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  • Help w/Kay Acoustic Guitar ID

    A friend of mine just received an old Kay acoustic guitar. The only identifying markings it has are a metal K within a circle at the top and N 6 stamped in black inside the soundhole. I tried the Kay website and found it pretty useless. Anyone have any info on this model or a good site to check? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Kay went bankrupt some time ago and exists only as a name, so there really is no Kay company anymore to get detailed information. Their flattop guitars (round holes) were not high quality instruments hence they are not usually valuable. Anyway, some of their high end Archtops (F-hole) are valued by collectors, as you can read from the link below to the Vintage Guitar Guy's site.


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      I found a Kay model 475 recently here in England at a military base. It was covered in 1/4 inch of dust when I first saw it and had a broken string. Strings were kinda dusty too though tuning pegs were bright silver when cleaned. Kay logo is a singal letter 'K' on the peg head. Pick guard is black. Finish is weak, scratch prone and you can see the joins fairly easily. A Korean guitar, this beast sounds remarkably good. Surprising even. The neck is solidly attached though again, the finish and joinery are 'weak'.

      I'd like to know more about this model (K-475). Any help would be appreciated.

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        This won't really help you, but your post made me think back to my first guitar--it was a Kay, bought used I think. Brownish sunburst, black elsewhere. Kay logo on headstock, white pickguard I think. Parents gave it to me about 1965, during the height of Beatlemania. It had terrible, painful action. I remember I got a Mel Bay book of chords and there was no way in hell I could make an F chord with my weak little index finger. I was going to call it quits, and then had a chance to play a friend's nylon-stringed cheapo classical, which played like a dream by comparison. That Kay was really a piece of ****************e, and I soon replaced it with my own nylon-strung junker. I wonder how many young guitarists of the 60s simply gave it up because they were unfortunate to try and self-teach with one of these dull-toned finger-slicers made by Kay?
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