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  • What is a FENDER AVALON?!

    Hey do you guys know anything about this guitar. There does not seem to be a whole lot of info on it on the web.

    Any info is appreciated.

    I am getting the feeling that it was some sort of junky, cheapo, Fender release.

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      I saw one last night in the movie "Starsky and Hutch" ...


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        gosh - it looks like they bolted one of their electric necks on!
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          On CMT there was a quick clip of Buck Owens playing a Fender acoustic with a telecaster neck !


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            I think that was part of the "California series" put out in the late 70's early 80's. They had names like Malibu, etc. A few were actually made in California, but then production was moved to Japan. Not really bad guitars. Usually go for about $150-250 in stores and on the bay. Laminated, of course. I have an old F-65 from that era. It is really a fun guitar, sort of like a poor man's D-28. Great for campfires near the beach, or ski lodge.


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              The Fender Avalon acoustic guitar was sold at the time for around $350. They're very hard to come by.
              There's a few used ones in the market ranging from $175-$300.
              Last one found in craigslist and EBay.


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                So, are you from that region of Iberia or are you spiritually steeped in it's mythology? If the latter, which of the middle earth creatures do you have an affinity for? I always find regional lore most interesting of the inhabitants.
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