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Art and Lutherie Wild Cherry - Good Starter Guitar?

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  • Art and Lutherie Wild Cherry - Good Starter Guitar?

    I think ive decided on my first guitar, im getting one for my birthday, unfortunately i cant spend over $200 (too bad i wanted the Seagull S6) but the guitar seems to have good reviews, what do yall think of it? Ive never played a guitar before in my life and im getting lessons but once i learn do you think it will be capable of at least a little gigging? just need some comments on the guitar and maybe some accessories youd recommend for a newbie like me that knows nothing
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    I actually got to strum the guitar and to me it sounded very nice, but then again im a newb so how am i to know, the salesman recommended it and said he has to order 100 at a time and he cant keep them in, must be pretty popular in this area, plus he is the only store that sells them around here he said. Sounds good tho, not solid top, but still sounds good and it has a rating of 9.4 in user reviews
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      I know i cant play, but for some reason i just cant stand waiting to get my guitar, i love the sound of just playing every string, i mean im a programmer and this is almost exciting as GETTING A NEW BOOK or even better Debian coming out with a new release!
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        If you want a solid top acoustic for half the price of what you're looking at, check out this SX-30 model at Rondo Music:;$sessionid$KHLSX1IAAABZXTZENUGETIWPERWR JPX0?UCIDs=850849%7C1088259&PRID=1319925

        A couple people on this forum bought them and give them real good reviews.
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          I want to stick with a name brand and i would buy it but call me crazy i like to see something and be able t o pick it up before i buy it
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            The A & L wild cherry is a good starter guitar. They are durable and have a decent sound for a laminate top guitar. You could do a lot worse.
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              The A&L is actually made by Lasido the parent Co. of Seagul. It is their entry level guitar and has much in common with them. A good choice, I'd say.


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                short answer, yes


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                  If it's in your budget, try getting the Cedar Folk model instead. Better sounding guitar with the solid top IMO, and shouldn't be out of reach for price.
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                    Hard to beat those wild Cherry's in the bang for the buck department. and they got cool colors to boot.
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                      Yes, it was my first guitar when I was 16, and I still own it today. I didn't know anything about solid/laminated top, tonewoods, or what have you. But knowing what I know now, I'd put it up against Epiphone, Takamine, and Ibanez guitars that are $100-200 more expensive.

                      The only bad thing about it is that mine was a cedar top with no pickguard and I kept putting dents and scratches in it. There's a big patch in the lower bout that looks like it's gonna go "Willie Nelson" on me.
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                        I think A&L makes some great instruments. As mentioned, they're a sister company to Seagull. All the same company, really, just different guitar styles.

                        I played the A&L Folk and liked it so much that I almost bought it...and I already have the solid-top Seagull Folk. I was that impressed.

                        I think they're pretty decent little guitars.
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                          Haha, hey hey, I'm still a "newbie" in the acoustic world (about a year come October) and I got the A&L Wild Cherry for my birthday. Very good guitar, to me anywho.


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                            A popular online dealer whose initials are MF has Washburn D-100's for $99. These are very nice guitars. I love mine!

                            I'm sorry, but the A&L's just look kind of cheap, inspite of their good reviews. They have something of the vibe of a low-end 1960's Sear-Silvertone (not that anything is wrong with that vibe).

                            The Washburns are gorgeous.
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                              I bought one for my daughter as her first guitar. I spent a fair amount of time looking and decided this one was best for the $$. It is set up very well for a budget guitar. It plays almost as well as my Larrivee L-03R. Of course, it doesn't sound as good but it still has a lovely sound. I couldn't find any flaws in the workmanship except for a bit of orange lacquer over the side dot markers which I rubbed off with my thumbnail.