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whats is the most beautiful guitar song ever? acoustic

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  • whats is the most beautiful guitar song ever? acoustic

    I just put some new strings on my acoustic and remember how sweet an acoustic can sound.. now normally i use this to practice metal on.. so I want to "treat" my guitar to some nice beautiful tunes..

    but i dont know any

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    I've always loved the Hawaiian Wedding Song but I haven't heard it in years. Of the songs that I have discovered recently, there's a really beautiful song entitled "And I Love You So" by Don McLean. It was transcribed in the last issue of Fingerstyle Guitar magazine.
    Cornelius Clodhopper


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      there are a few...and these are in my own humble opinion...

      Is There Anybody Out There? - Pink Floyd
      Landslide (live) - Fleetwood Mac
      Dust in the Wind - Kansas
      Tears in Heaven - Eric Clapton

      those 4 should keep you busy for quite a while...
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      murdoch always brings teh lulz.

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      Also MurdochV wins thread.

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      Murdoch'd = when you think you have something funny to say only to hit post and that son of a bitch said it 10x funnier.


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        I like to play the accompaniment to If and Diary by Bread - yeah I'm an old guy -
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          Amazing Grace

          Michele, done in harmonics

          Danny Boy

          Mona Lisa


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            try 'blackbird' by the singing beetles. its so succinct yet beautiful at the same time.


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              Most beautiful acoustic number I think is Cello Song by Nick Drake. If you don't have access to a Cello player, I'd suggest Marietta by Francesco Tarrega.
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                Originally posted by JackF
                I like to play the accompaniment to If and Diary by Bread - yeah I'm an old guy -

                I'm 21...I love bread.

                If the world should stop revolving
                Spinning slowly down to die.
                I'd spend the end with you
                And when the world was through...
                Then one by one, the stars would all go out.
                Then you and I, would simply fly away.


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                  Originally posted by Murdoch7621
                  Landslide (live) - Fleetwood Mac


                  The Preacher
                  The Preacher


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                    My list is long, here are some.

                    Autumn Leaves

                    Scarborough Fair

                    Morning Has Risen

                    These are tunes that are best when sung and played. The words to these three tunes are emotional, especially Autumn Leaves.
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                      One of favorite fingerstyle songs is Paul SImon's "Kathy's Song." For good ol' steel string strumming, Neil Young is always a good bet. "Thrasher" (he does it on 12 string) is great, as is anything from Harvest or Harvest Moon.


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                        "Operator" by Jim Croce

                        "Duncan", "America", "Kathy's Song" _ Paul Simon ( with Garfunkel )


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                          Father and Son - Cat Stevens
                          Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens

                          and other Cat Stevens songs

                          Chris Campbell - So Far Away

                          im drawing a blank now
                          ...won't you follow me down to the rose parade


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                            There are many, but "I'm so lonesome I could cry" has to be one of the most beautiful.
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                              I would say Pat Metheny's "Travels" and "Farmers Trust" are very nice. He has done these in both acoustic and electric versions, and both ways are very moving.
                              Jim D