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nicest inexpensive 12-stirng under $300?


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  • nicest inexpensive 12-stirng under $300?

    I'm looking to get a 12-string guitar and ditch my 6-string Ibanez AEL20. I'm just pursuing a new sound and busy experimenting. is the washburn 12 string any good?

    how's this?


    or this



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    In all honesty, it'll self-destruct in a year or two. Cheap 12-strings (under a grand or so) just don't hold up long...

    If you anticipate a long-term affair with a 12er, buy a Guild or a Taylor...no better 12-string for the $$$ and they're made to last!...I've two Guild F-212XLs from the 70s and a 2000 Taylor 355 and all with outlive me, with decent care.
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      I have the fender 12.It is a good guitar .It is 5 years old and still plays great.I bought mine from a dealer.If you can that is the way to go.good luck.


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        look for a Seagull S12+. It is a good 12 for about $400 new or $300 used.
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          hands down.
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            My luthier carries Walden guitars and I checked out a 6 dread that carried the model 2040 (I think). Saw them today. It has solid Mohogany B/S, solid Sitka Spruce top with Rosewood bindings. No mother of toilet seat anywhere except usual fret dots (small) and that guitar had me sitting down for quite awhile. Another model is solid Cedar top with solid Indian Rosewood B/S. Darker but rich sound. Will probably get the Mohogany 6 this weekend from him. It is about $700.00. The neck on these guitars is bolt-on. I don't know if a bolt-on neck is or could be a future issue. It seems to be a succesful arrangement with Taylor so I guess it has staying power.

            Sorry, didn't mean to stray from the topic of cheap 12vers but I think UGB's "hands down" pretty much nails it for quality. Go to the site he listed. Didn't see any Walden 12's today so can't say about them. And, I only assume (hope) they make them.

            I have a Norman B20-12 that was 615.00 with H/S case but it has neck issues. Nothing major but that's only because I am close to the luthier I bought it from and he stays on top of it for me n/c.


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              here's the one you played:

              and it does have a bolt on neck, but for some reason, only the top of the line Waldens have bolt on necks.

              I've played the 12 string and it's very nice. In fact, I was so blown away w/the Walden 500 series that I'm in the process of becoming a Walden dealer. I've not been as impressed w/a lower end acoustic guitar since I picked up a Blueridge. I easily put the Waldens on the same level as the Blueridge, but Waldens actually start out less expensive! The D-550 was made to go head to head w/the Washburn D-10S, a solid spruce top and mahogany body. Here's the reality; once I become a Walden dealer, I'll stop carrying the D-10S. For the same money, the D-550 wins, hands down. I'm not saying the D-10S is a bad guitar, but for $199 each, the Walden D-550 is better. I'll still carry Washburns; there are other models they make that are top of the heap.
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                I'm inclined to agree with Matt (if you can't go the Guild or Taylor route). I recently tried a Seagull S 12+ and was totally surprised by its volume, tone, and playability. The store was letting it go for just shy of 4 c-notes (I forget if that included the case). Sadly, according to the salesman, this model is being discontinued, which is truly a shame as it is an interesting departure in wood choice (cedar top w/ wild cherry lam. b/s). The spruce top model is still available, though a tad more expensive. Of course, as with all 12ers cheap and grandiose, low tunings will save its neck (pardon the pun).

                I'd never heard of Walden Guitars, but you've got to love the name. I'm sure Thoreau would be proud.


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                  A well-done bolt-on joint works as well or better than a glued joint. It also makes neck resets easier, which is of special interest to 12-string owners.
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