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  • Vicente Tatay Tomas Guitars

    Hi, I am new to this form. I have your writings on this site about a Tatay guitar. I have a Vicente Tatay Tomas guitar. I am the original owner. It was bought in the early 60's. It has no cracks that I see. It does have some regular wear. It has a few minor cosmetic scratches. One of the keys has a screw missing. It appears to be solid wood in all parts.

    I would appreciate it if you would let me know if you have some idea of what it might be worth, and other things that would be useful to know about it. THanks!!!!!!!!


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    Hey out there, I know there were three people who posted in another section of Harmony-Central about a Tatay guitar. I would apprecaite a reply if anyone knows anything about these guitars THANKS!!!!!!!!!


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      Still need info, I would love some help with this one, THANKS