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Vintage penncrest...wtf

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  • Vintage penncrest...wtf

    I am hoping someone can help me out here. I found a guitar at the goodwill of all places. I got it for 20$ and I think it is a very old pencrest(possibly 1950's). Now i cant get a pic at this time, but i hope to get one up later over the weekend. Penncrest is the name of JC Penny guitars, but the way this things looks and sounds make me think it may be worth a little bit of cash.(sounds sooo clean). I was wondering if anyone knows anything about old penncrest guitars, this ones an archtop, and if they might be able to tell me how much it may be worth. Thanks for checking out the post.
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    If it's as old as you suspect, it was probably made by Harmony/Kay/Regal in Chicago.

    Looking forward to seeing the pics....a full-body, head and tailpiece shot will help in IDing it.

    BTW, $20 sounds like a GREAT score!
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      A lot of those sound awesome with a nice floating pickup.....
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