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Epiphone Masterbilt D-500R vs Blueridge BR-160


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  • Epiphone Masterbilt D-500R vs Blueridge BR-160

    Birthday coming up and wanting a new acoustic. I've decided I want a solid rosewood model and these two have topped my list. As far as specs and materials are concerned. They are almost identical except the Epi has an ebony bridge. The prices are almost identical. I can find either one in the $500 range. I have played neither. The rosewoods I have played...D-28, gibby j45R and a Taylor 910. I don't expect them to look or sound in this class. But I would like to find something that will age well and mellow like my 35 y/o Texan has. My budget is tight and these two fit that criteria.
    Has anyone had an opportunity to compare the two ?

    happy birthday to me
    happy birthday to me


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    I have played Masterbilts and was not impressed, The BR-160 really blew me away, both in looks,quality and tone.
    The fretwork is incredible, The tone is awesome, sounds more like a Taylor than a Martin
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      When buying something cheap...I find it's better to stay AWAY from brand names (like low end Gretsch's, Epiphones, etc...) because some money is paid for that name by the manufacturer and since you are already cutting corners you need as much money as possible going INTO the the guitar.
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        br-160 sounds just as good as a d-28
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          If you like the classic Gibsons (like a J-45),
          then you might prefer a Blueridge BG-160
          over the BR-160. Similar in many regards --
          both are all solid spruce & rosewood and
          have x-bracing. But the Blueridge BG-160
          (like a Gibson J-45) has a slightly shorter
          scale of 24.75", which I find easier to play.
          It is also a slope shoulder, also easier to
          play. And the BG-160 looks way better --
          beautiful sunburst and a better headstock.

          Full disclosure: I'm selling a Blueridge BG-160
          on eBay right now. Take a look:

          http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7316699611&rd=1&sspage name=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1


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            you know...i think i do like the look of the bg-160 better
            that looks nice.