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Complete list of links to over 50 free guitar lessons online


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  • Complete list of links to over 50 free guitar lessons online


    I have completed a list that links to almost 1 years worth of free videos, mp3s, lessons and studies on blues and similar styles on acoustic guitar. You are all welcome to them and I hope everyone will help me take a direction more toward playing and making music and less time discussion bone pins and brand names. We all should be making some joyful noise as they say. Please note these songs play equally well on all brands (humor)

    Peace and Happy picking to all,
    Little Brother

    Click here then see FREE LESSONS button at the top

    I also recieved this review of my lessons from Guitar Noise

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    Always good stuff from you, Doug. I would like to see some more slow blues lessons though (think Clapton Unplugged..."Before You Accuse Me"....something like that), as opposed to the faster stuff, if you care to keep that in mind.

    By the way, are you trying to sayin we should quit looking at other guitars and just start playing? That is akin to blasphemy, IMO.
    Larrivee OM-3
    Seagull M6 Gloss


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      How do I post a reply that keeps this thread bumped up?
      This will keep me busy for about a year. See you guys then.

      Thanks for the nudge and sentiments Doug.


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        LOL, no problem SlowFingers. Nothing can stop GAS

        Thanks DS, I am glad these lessons go to good use. Thanks again for feeding back.