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Seagulls cheaper in Canada?


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  • Seagulls cheaper in Canada?

    I was looking into getting a Seagull and I was wondering if it's cheaper in Canada? I live in Vermont and I visit Montreal occasionally and so would it be worth it to wait until I'm up there next?

    If it's not a big difference, I'd rather buy from a local store so that I can go back easily if there are any issues....


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    If I were you I would buy locally. I don't know if there's much difference in buying in Canada vs buying in the U.S., and being able to go back to the local store would, in my opinion, outweigh any cost savings.
    If you're not sure about pricing, though, you could call a couple of places in Canada and see how their prices compare.
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      Yeah they are cheaper since they are not imported. But then again, it's probably not worth the hassle like the PapaTom said.
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      its a slippery slope man. first Eb, then D. next thing you know you'll be tuning to C standard and playing guitars with DiMarzio Dropsonic pups in them. then comes the facemasks. its a gateway drug man, don't do it.


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        Seagulls in the US are usually cheaper near the coast
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          I have noticed that electric Godins seem to be cheaper here.And you have the exchange rate working for you to