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Going to see Tommy Emmanuel tomorrow


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  • Going to see Tommy Emmanuel tomorrow

    My dad and i are driving up (from south carolina) to catch his last show at Tommy Fest East (my birthday present ). The show is in Newport News, Virginia. Man, I am super excited. This will be my first time seeing him live; I've wanted to see him ever since I saw him on a woodsongs video that was posted here at the forums 2-3 years ago and have been a huge fan ever since. Hopefully he will give us quite a show (for it being the last one of the festival) and I'll report back in on Monday about how it is!
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    if he ever plays Columbus, GA I'll move heaven and earth to make that show!
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      Tommy is a JAW-DROPPINGLY GREAT guitar player! The bonus is, he is also a very fine entertainer. I guarantee, he will make the audience smile, even the non-guitarists.
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        The you have to see this online video and article on Tommy...


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          Lucky,lucky guy,I hate you!
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