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Alvarez Yairi vs. Larrivee

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  • Alvarez Yairi vs. Larrivee

    In terms of quality, tone, and playability, how do these compare? I was looking into the lower-level Larrivees such as the D-03RE and LV-03RE and then The AY's I was looking into were the WY1, DY84C, and DY62C.

    Anyone know anything about these brands and or particular models?

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    Own a DY-84M, I love it. Never played a Larrivee no dealers around here.


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      I've never played a Yairi, but the Larry L-03 (mahogany) and OM-03R (rosewood) are both sweet guitars!
      Cornelius Clodhopper


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        There's really know way to compare the 2 sonce they are both high quality guitars and tone is so subjective. The only big difference for many folks is the Larry is all-solid and the Yairis you mention have laminate sides & backs.

        I've owned 2 Yairis in the past and they were superb guitars that I wish I never let go. I was bitten but the all-solid bug and traded 1 and sold the other. Big mistake. Yairi builds very nice guitars. You'll have to play them all and judge for yourself.
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