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Complete list of links to all my free lessons and videos... Bluesy Stuff


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  • Complete list of links to all my free lessons and videos... Bluesy Stuff

    Hi All,

    Just letting anyone interested know I have links to over 16 new free lessons or studys with MP3, Videos and more. You are welcome to them. Mostly blues fingerpicking based stuff but also some bluesy rock and some strumming or flatpicking too. One of them you might enjoy has Mojo Workin, Born on the Bayou and SusieQ all in one 3 part freebee video lesson. Another one worth looking into is the Blues in E boogie primer. You dont have to buy anything nor register. Happy pickin'


    Also if any of you are getting pretty serious on your acoustic playing we also have some pretty good discussions on APM so drop by there too from time to time and say hello.
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    Have a good one, Play on,


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    Thanks, LB. We miss you over here.

    I'd go to the APM more often (it's number three on my list: HC, then UMGF, and then APM) if the site wouldn't take so long to open each page. Every time, you have to wait for the advertiser click ons to reset. Seems like forever. But good site, nonetheless.
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      Thanks NR good to see you. Sorry about the slow loading. APM forum pages load for me in about 2 seconds so there may be some technical reason why it's happening. We have a few members that also load slowly but most of those are on dialup or old computers. Maybe that will resolve itself somehow in the future. Hope everyone gets a chance to take part in one of those online lesson/studies. They seem to be helping a good number of folks.


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        Just found this in a search. Man, LB. I love your site. The video lessons are extremely helpful! I'm really enjoying the Donnie McCormick Travelin Shoes song and also that Hacksaw Harney (sp?) song I found over at APM forum. What all is on your DVD?
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