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Anyone ever play a Carvin AC375 ?

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  • Anyone ever play a Carvin AC375 ?

    Theese look so sweet and I really am considering one. But, I'm worried about the unplugged volume with the body thickness of 2.5". Anyone know firsthand how they sound unplugged. I'm an electric player looking to crossover. I trust Carvin quality and want their stainless frets.
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    Thin body guitars have a snappier response but they usually don't play loudly when unplugged.
    I think this guitar is intended to be used as an acoustic sounding electric. Though I've never played Carvins that weren't solid bodies, I share your confidence in the brand. I had a DC 200 that I like very much.

    I would compare other thin acoustics to their full bodied siblings before making a decision. Taylor (Doyle Dykes models vs. 600 series GAs) and Guild make thin acoustics among others.

    If you do order a Carvin and don't like it, you can always return it to them for a refund.


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      The AC375 is a thinner body full acoustic with electronics unlike the AC275 and AC175 that were really ment to be amplified. The 375 will be a bit more prone to feedback in a live high volume environment and really does sound remarkably balanced and projects pretty darned well... much better than expected as does the CL450 classical. I played them at the factory store a couple of years ago. Craftsmanship is first rate.

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        It would be cool if Carvin offerred stainless steel frets as an option on their cobalt acoustic guitars. I was going to get one thinking ss frets were an option all carvins. I know Rondo is going to be offering some agile electrics with ss frets. Maybe they will offer a good all solid wood acoustic with ss frets too.

        Taylor guitars was considering switching to stainless and created some prototypes which are rumored to be awesome but decided against it since they didn't want to go through the trouble with the quipment updgrades and retraining needed to offer ss frets. I don't know if thats 100% true but thats what i heard.
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