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Spam: Seagull M6 Gloss (Spruce) w/ HSC and upgrades


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  • Spam: Seagull M6 Gloss (Spruce) w/ HSC and upgrades

    Seagull M6 Gloss (Spruce) - $350 shipped

    The guitar is in dead mint condition aside from a small ding on the neck near the neck heel. Otherwise, it looks brand new; it's been played only a handfull of times for maybe a few hours total. The action is low and very comfortable. Couple the low action with the shorter scale (24.84"), and you've got a guitar that plays very easily. The neck is also slighter wider than a standard acoustic neck with a 1 13/16" nut (versus a 1 11/16" nut that is more common). I find that this larger string spread is very comfortable and is especially nice for fingerpicking.

    Tonewise, it is very sweet and mellow (especially on the bottom end), yet has a very crisp top end. It has a more unique sound that falls probably between a Martin and a Taylor. Once it ages more, it should be very full and detailed. Right now, the Seagull has a relativey new set of D'Addario 80/20 light strings (12's) on it. The guitar will come with the case pictured; the case has some scuffs and a few dings, but looks pretty nice overall.

    I have added and installed a Colossi bone saddle to the guitar. After playing it a bit and changing the strings, I've decided that it gives the guitar a bit more clarity, a bit more volume, a bit more depth, and a bit more warmth. I find it to be a worthy upgrade. I will also include the stock Tusq saddle. The pictures are pre-bone saddle; I'll get some mroe with the bone saddle.


    Solid spruce top

    Laminate (a three layer combo of mahogany/wild cherry/mahogany) sides and back

    1 13/16" nut

    24.84" neck scale

    16" radius fingerboard

    Rosewood fingerboard/bridge

    Mahogany neck (with dual-adjust truss rod)

    Tusq nut/saddle

    Genuine lacquer (nitro?); thin, but high gloss finish (the neck is satin finished)

    Check out the very positive reviews as well as information from Seagulls site.



    These retail for $480 without a case, so I feel that this is a pretty good deal for one in practically new condition with a HSC and a Colossi bone saddle.

    Paypal is preferred, but you'll need to have a confirmed account (and be willing to sign for the guitar when it is delivered). I also gladly take Postal Money Orders.

    Email/PM me if interested.

    Here are some pics of the Seagull M6 Gloss (click the link for the others):


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    Are you selling this already? what's caught your fancy instead?
    btw, i think there's a typo on the scale. it's about an inch longer.


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      Originally posted by leftync
      Are you selling this already? what's caught your fancy instead?
      btw, i think there's a typo on the scale. it's about an inch longer.

      Well, I'm have not completely decided what I'll do with the money. I may just get nothing and just save the money. Or I may get a Taylor 110 at Dave's. I sold the one I got in a trade a while ago and probably shouldn't have. Both the 110 and the Seagull are great guitars very comparable in quality, but I prefer the Taylor tone. I really only want on acoustic; and since I really only use an acoustic for strumming, I'd prefer something that has a really bright, brassy, cutting strumming tone. I find that the Taylor 110 does that better than the Seagull. The Seagull is a much warmer sounding guitar and is a bit mellower. I wish I could have both the Seagull and a 110, but I don't have the money and really don't need two acoustics.

      Also, I believe that I'm correct about the scale length. Read the very bottom of this page:


      EDIT: You're right; in the "specs" part of the description I listed it as 23.84" and it is 24.84 (I wrote earlier though). Thanks for catching that.


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        I forgot to note that this was made in 2004-2006 (going by the serial number, it was produced sometime between 2004 and now) and has the new design features of the Seagull line: compound curve top, improved bracing system ("quarter-sawn spruce, scalloped and carved to conform exactly to the curvature of the tops.").

        Not only is it relatively rare to find a used Seagull M6, but the more recent models with the improvements (listed above) are even more rare.

        Elderly Instruments recently sold an older model without a HSC for $350 plus shipping and is currently selling a different older model for the same price. So mine is definately a good deal at $350 shipped with HSC and bone saddle upgrade.